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IMBA works to create, enhance and protect great places to ride mountain bikes.

IMBA's focus is on more trails close to home.
By 2025, they aim to partner with 250 new communities for more great local trails.

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IMBA is the leader in sustainable trail creation and in protecting the places we ride.

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IMBA promotes responsible mountain biking and champions great places to ride.

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IMBA is the go-to resource for MTB access and management issues.

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IMBA is a national collective of bike clubs and individual riders like you.

Why close to home?

Trails close to home mean more quick rides for mental health and fun. In large cities and small rural towns alike, trails enhance quality of life, provide economic benefits and create community. We know all of this because IMBA and our local partners have been making these things happen worldwide for 30+ years, and we want to make sure trails happen in more places, more rapidly

Programs and initiatives

IMBA, in partnership with their local organizations, educates land managers and community leaders, galvanizes the volunteer community, strengthens local mountain bike groups and provides expertise on the creation of new trails.

Trails are Common Ground

With the rapid increase in natural surface trail use, IMBA saw the need to bring communities together to improve the trail experience for everyone. This coalition of advocacy groups represents all types of trail users, working together to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for anyone who steps, rides or rolls onto any trail, anywhere. IMBA's approach helps people become better trail citizens, and gives communities and agencies tools to manage and improve trails.

Support Mountain Biking

Do you want to help make sure everyone has a place to ride a mountain bike?